Plan for Jobs

The Chancellor has announced £30 billion of emergency spending to stave off mass unemployment in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Build, Build, Build

In 1933 President Franklin Roosevelt introduced a series of programs which set out in motion the recovery of the United States from the Great Depression. The New Deal helped people back to work, got the economy moving again and made crucial reforms in the process.

Supporting our Businesses and Gaps in Support

The Prime Minister has this week announced that pubs, restaurants and many other outlets and activities will shortly be allowed to reopen in England, subject to them following safety guidelines and social distancing guidelines.

Rough Sleeping and Support for the self-employed

Government figures published in February estimated that 4,266 people in England are sleeping rough on a 'typical night' and data from council suggests around 25,000 people are sleeping rough at least once a year.

The future of farming

Last week I wrote about our teachers being among the unsung heroes of the coronavirus pandemic. Today I am writing about another - our farmers.

Back to school?

It is a great shame, but obviously understandable, that the national celebrations to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day couldn't take place in the normal way last Friday.

Getting the economy through the crisis

The spread of coronavirus is rightly a health issue first and foremost, however the role of the Treasury Select Committee (which I chair) is to consider its economic impact and to scrutinise the steps the Government is taking to support businesses here in Devon and across the country. 

Help for our local Councils

I am not sure whether there is another constituency in the country which covers four district councils (Central Devon includes part of West Devon, Mid Devon, Teignbridge and East Devon), but if there is, I'm sure their MP has the same admiration as I have for how hard council staff are working to