Mel Stride welcomes increase in NHS doctors and nurses in Devon

Mel Stride MP has welcomed the latest NHS Workforce Statistics which show there are 225 more doctors and 461 more nurses working in Devon compared to last year. This mirrored the situation across England where the number of doctors in the NHS has increased by 9,306 and the number of nurses has risen by 13,840. The figures are for full-time equivalent staff, rather than head count, which would be even higher, and mean that all professionally qualified clinical staff, doctors, paramedics and support to clinical staff are now at record levels.

Mel said:

“It is great to see the number of doctors and nurses working in our NHS at a new record high with 9% more doctors and 8% more nurses in Devon compared to a year ago. The importance of our NHS and those who serve within it has never been more evident than during the past few months.”

In 2018, as Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Mel helped to deliver the largest ever cash injection for the NHS in its history – a new multi-year funding plan worth an additional £33.9 billion a year in cash terms for the NHS in England by 2023-24.