Mel Stride to press for more government funding for children's services and schools

Mel Stride MP has been briefed on the challenges faced by Children’s Services in Devon by Devon County Council Cabinet Member James McInnes. The pair, who met in Spreyton, discussed the re-opening of schools, the complexities of providing school transport and how coming out of lockdown has seen more children going into care. While Cllr McInnes welcomed the extra funding the Government has provided to upper-tier councils for children’s services during the pandemic, he stressed that more would still be needed and that schools are also facing increased costs associated with the pandemic.

Mel said:

“It was very useful to catch up with James and get a better picture of the significant challenges our county council faces both in terms of education provision, with schools re-opening in September, but also with more children sadly going into care as a result of the strains and difficulties of the past few months. I will certainly press the Chancellor on ensuring children’s services are properly funded and that the Government covers the increased costs faced by our schools.”

Cllr McInnes said:

“Mel has done a good job in holding the Government’s feet to the fire on the support available for businesses, and I’m delighted he has committed to do the same for children’s services and our schools.”