Dear Constituent,

Thank you for contacting me on NHS Pay.

I recently wrote to the Department of Health and Social Care on NHS pay and I set out below an excerpt from the response made by Nadine Dorries MP, Minister of State:

‘I am grateful to staff for their commitment to the NHS, which we are seeing in higher than 
usual levels of staff retention and overall growth in staff numbers, with around 8,600 more 
nurses, 2,600 more doctors and over 35,900 more staff in total working in the NHS than a 
year ago. I am also delighted to see increased interest in studying for healthcare 
qualifications, with significant year-on-year increases in applications to study nursing and 
more students starting degrees in nursing and medicine in England. We have also 
launched a new campaign to encourage talented teenagers and career switchers to 
become NHS paramedics, radiographers and nurses.

While pay uplifts for the rest of the public sector have been frozen in 2021/22, the 
Government committed to providing NHS staff with a pay uplift. For a recommendation for 
the uplift, we sought the advice of the independent pay review bodies (PRBs) who 
recommended an uplift of three per cent. On 21 July, we responded to the PRB reports
and accepted the recommendations. NHS staff in England will receive a three per cent pay 
rise, and the uplift will be backdated to April.’

I hope this information is helpful and thank you again for taking the time to write to me.

Yours sincerely,

Mel Stride MP
MP for Central Devon