Mel Stride

    CENTRAL DEVON MP Mel Stride has been appointed by new Prime Minister Theresa May as a senior minister in the Whips Office and will play a key role in implementing the Government’s agenda. The promotion from Mr Stride’s previous position as Lord’s Commissioner within the Whips Office sees him maintain his responsibility for Pairing whereby he decides which government MPs and Ministers should be released from votes whilst maintaining the government’s majority. In addition he now also assumes responsibility for the day-to-day organisation of government business on the floor of the House of Commons.

    Members and activists within Mr Stride’s local Conservative Association, where membership has risen by 20% in the last year, have said they are “thrilled” that his hard work and contribution in Westminster over the past six years have been recognised. 

    Mid Devon District Council Leader Clive Eginton said:

    “Mel has been a superb MP for the past six years. Representing the third largest constituency in England, which covers four local authority areas, is a very tough job but one he does with great dedication and he has also been very effective in putting issues we care about here in Devon firmly on the radar at Westminster.”

    Chairman of Mr Stride’s local Association Cllr. Margaret Squires added:

    “Mel has earned this promotion. He has balanced his constituency work, helping thousands of residents with individual problems, with making important contributions in the House of Commons on issues such as small business support, rural broadband, farming, mobile home parks and the economy. His promotion is a tribute to the dedicated way in which he approaches his role as our member of parliament.”

    Government whips are responsible for managing and delivering the government’s business in the Commons and Mr Stride is now the third most senior member of the whips office after the Chief Whip and Deputy Chief Whip.  He assumes the title of Comptroller of the Household – an ancient position in the British royal household that will see him occasionally attending on the Queen.