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    Mid Devon Advertiser
    03 June 2016

    Recently I had the great pleasure of another visit to Okehampton College. As a governor my links go back a decade. Here I had a great meeting reviewing the systems the college has to ensure that energy use is minimised. Enthusiastic pupils explained how radiators and hot water tanks are precisely controlled, how solar panels sell electricity back into the grid and how new LED strip lighting is burning just a fraction of the energy used by traditional tubes. The whole system subject to fingertip control via the internet. The school recently won £125,000 in a competition in which students had to choreograph a dance routine that produced the most possible energy. That’s a lot of money for jumping about and the cash has been put to good use – further enhancing the college’s well-earned reputation as the nation’s leader in school energy conservation. I also hosted a visit by Small Business Minister, Anna Soubry. Several businesses discussed the issues that are key to them. Companies included, Cambian networks who specialise in the development of point-to-point digital Internet transmission. Their system is being rolled out across Dartmoor and will bring superfast broadband to 96% of park properties – at 30 Mbps minimum. In Westminster I have been working hard on taking the finance bill through the commons – Brexit has had a hugely negative effect on our economy and there are now many additional challenges ahead. 

    In Chagford I inspected the latest work on their Open Air Pool. This stunning facility was opened in 1933 when it was dug out by hand and the water fed into the pool via the local leat. The leat still provides the water and an air source heat pump and solar panels help to raise the water temperature. The pool is open every day 2 – 5.45pm.